A proper roadmap to packing and shipping for your eCommerce store.

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When you are running a business, there is not one detail that you can let go unattended. For the people who have set up their businesses on their own from very scratch, the hunger to be perfect or better than the competitors grows stronger each day. Each department of a running business is important equally, and so is the logistic system department.

Every little detail

As said, every detail is important, and for an eCommerce store online, apart from the product being of good quality and having a renowned brand name, the packing and shipping of the product also matters a ton, in some cases more than the quality of the product. A proper logistic system is one of an eCommerce store's core operations, be it a manufacturing one or just a distribution one.

Accuracy and efficiency

Proper and in time packing and shipping of the right, quality product is the umbrella under which a path of success is lying hidden, and so it is very important to have implemented the right package and shipping strategy for your eCommerce store. One other reason for having a proper package and shipping strategy is that it cuts down on a lot of the business's additional cost. Your package and shipping strategy will either help you reduce your costs or add on further; it all depends on the kind of strategy you have chosen.

Here is a roadmap to the package and shipping strategy for your eCommerce store

1. Set the foundation- It is very important that before moving further, you set the foundation of your strategy. This you can do by deciding on your shipping rates and methods, product weights, preferred packaging, and source of packaging.

2. Shipping rates- You will have to decide on how are your shipping rates going to be acquired. Are you going to make it free of cost to customers and pay the whole by yourself? Are you going to increase the cost of the product as such that the shipping rates will also be included? Are you going to make them pay for it or offer a discount code to halve and split the rates between yourself and the customer? All of this is needed to be given a thought, and an action plan is needed to be taken as to how and what needs to be done.

3. Product weights- It is only common to know that the product size, weight, and destinations decide how much the product will cost you and to the customer s a whole. Bulkier and heavier products mostly cost more for shipping than the lightweight, and the smaller ones do for obvious reasons. For this, you can either set up a warehousing service of your own or outsource it to a cheaper company to do it for you.

4. Preferred packing- Packing is the one detail that many companies tend to miss resulting in the abandonment of the cart. This detail may look small and unimportant, but it is really not. When a customer orders a product online, he or she is expecting joy and surprise coming in his/her way.
When that joy and surprise are packed to make the customer feel that we are thankful for him/her purchasing from us, the customer feels belonged and cared for. This psychological aspect is something that, if won over, can prove to be very beneficial for the business. This is why it is important to create a creative, engaging, and interactive system of packaging.

5. Source of Packing- The very first thing to keep in mind is that no matter what packaging option we are using, we should be sure that the option is safe. Packaging should be as such that it is safe, reusable, Eco-friendly, creative, and most importantly, cost-effective. For this, you can either do the packaging part yourself or outsource it to a warehousing service company. You can also avail the material for packaging from someone else and do the packaging with that material yourself. This will cut your cost into most probably half.

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