How to handle an eCommerce store with imports? Perfect step by step guide.

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When you decide to start and handle an eCommerce store with imports, you are not only required to make sure that the products being sold by you are being imported and delivered safely, but you will also have to ensure that you are playing your part in the business lives of the importers effectively and efficiently. There is always hesitance before starting something new. Still, once you learn how to do it, it is all comfort and passion that has you keep running it; when you are a store that does not have products of its own and imports them from other companies, the responsibility of a lot of things double and get halved by time.

The two ways

To have an eCommerce store online can go two ways:

1. When you build or get built your eCommerce website, you can display the products of the companies you have tied up or partnered with. When someone orders a particular company's product from your website, you will let the company know the product that has been ordered and the address to where it has to be shipped and delivered. After this, the company's packaging and delivery part is being played who received the order.
How it works:
In this scenario, the only part you will be playing is pitching the customer to the company. Yours will be the part where you showcase and display the product of another company on your website and have the customer to buy it from you. The biggest advantage is that in this process, you will not have to have a warehousing service or a logistic system. All you will have to have is a properly built website, tie-ups with big and small brands, and efficient customer service that will keep contacting with the partnered companies. The biggest disadvantage of this scenario is that if your partner company fails to meet its deliveries on time, then along with them, the website of your company will also face hindrances in its path to success.

2. The second way that you can go with this is that you create a warehousing service and logistic system and on your own. When you build or get built your eCommerce website, you can display the products of the companies that you are willing to sell. You can order in bulk from those companies and avail of half the price of the product by partnering with those companies. After ordering the products in bulk, you can store and pack them in your warehouse service.
How it works:
Over here, they will be stored, packed, shipped, delivered, checked, audited, and tracked. The bucks received by the customer can be split over the decided ratio between the partner company and you. Most eCommerce stores opt for this way of going with the management of the store online because this way, a major part of the game is in your hand and so you can take responsibility and act upon it efficiently and effectively. This may cost you a few bucks, but if worked properly, it can build your brand and customer loyalty without even selling one product that is of your own.

After you are done deciding which way you want to go, the next step is to devise a plan wherein you start by trying out a few products and a minimal costing website. After this, you gradually grow both your services and your website.

1. Start with an existing product- Build a minimal cost website and start selling a few already ordered products. As you keep on going about it, you will learn many things and various methods that can help better selling and more customer attractiveness.

2. Sourcing- After you have had an okay idea of how the selling part works, start sourcing. Start calling different companies; tell them your whole plan, partner with them, and start running the race with the help of their expertise.

3. Going forward, the site gradually starts building up your website, for it has to be fast, creative, and interactive. Efficient use of SEOs can do wonders, keep in mind.

If you need help, you can also consult a good goods import service in UAE for suggestions and guidance.

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