What is the perfect solution for goods delivery of an eCommerce store?

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Satisfying your customers just with the quality of your product never proves to be enough. There are a lot of new and various things that together make possible customer satisfaction and higher profits. If you are an eCommerce store, the level of the game just gets lifted higher. If your store manufactures and distributes various different kinds of products, then the game gets to the next level altogether.

It is a hassle

Shipping parcels through standard shipping procedures from country to country only to wait for days for your order has not only become old but has also been a reason of why your customer would want to switch to another eCommerce store. If you have a vast and diversified product base ranging from say - food items, to furniture and clothing, the standard parcel shipping from country to country even city to city is not recommended unless the delivery procedure and time of the service is super fast.

A logistic system

An efficient goods delivery system is a necessity if one's company is aiming for a large base of diversified and satisfied customers. Deciding on one logistic system is not as easy as it looks like. There goes a lot of calculations and tables to be made, lots of options to be rejected and accepted and mostly, lots of efforts and smart work is to be made. So here is a full guide for your perfect solution for goods delivery of an eCommerce store.

The beginning

The first step is to appoint various logistics services like a courier company, a few software tools, central pickup points and most importantly, a warehouse service. The courier company will help you by calculating shipping costs on the basis of various dimensions like the weight, height etc. and will also make sure that the deliveries of your products are done through its various vehicle services.

The few software tools can include sending automated emails and notifications to your customers about the delivery time and cost of the products that they have ordered. If your company does not have a manufacturing unit of its own, it is always better to have agreed with a certain amount of pick up points like stores so you can efficiently sell their products in return of the commission.

A warehouse service is very important if you want the products of your company to be packaged in a certain way which fits your requirement and then gets shipped and delivered at the right address before or on time. A warehouse service is one of the ore services of a logistics system. The efficiency of both goes parallel.

And after

The second step is to consider a few factors while choosing shipping and warehousing services. These factors can include weight, shipping costs, delivery time, packaging, returns and most importantly, express delivery. Many courier companies have different pricing models for various size and weight types of products. If the product is lightweight and small, the price may be low as compared to the price of the product, which is heavy and bulky.

As an eCommerce store, it is always preferable for you to provide free shipping because this can attract more customers to you. It will be an additional cost for you but only to be worth it in most cases. If you cannot provide free shipping, then make sure that you checked all the calculation parameters of the shipping cost like the size and weight of the parcel, starting and ending countries and online tracking system. Providing an online tracking system to your customer may be costly for you, but it is a smart way of attracting customers.

In conclusion

As you are an eCommerce store that wants to have satisfied customers, it is very important that you make sure that the delivery of your products are happening on time or before. An efficient warehouse service can facilitate this very effectively along with the facility of packing. To make your customer happy, all you need to do is get the product packaged in the desired way and get it delivered at the right address on or before time.

Also, if you are considering appointing a warehouse service outside your home country, then the recommendation is to find the best goods delivery services provider in UAE.

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