How to find the best delivery service provider in UAE for your eCommerce store?

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When it is finally the time that you outsource your delivery servicing or switch your delivery servicing company, it is crucial to select the best delivery service provider. In the process, you will realize that it takes more than contacting the companies the ads of which you have seen online or reviews of which you have read to be good. Effectively selecting your best delivery service provider will take some time and a lot of proper research, but the assurance is that it will pay well in the future because this investment is of long- term only to yield positive returns in the future. A delivery service provider plays an important role in partnering your eCommerce business as the service provider will only manage to attract customers, their loyalty, positive feedback, and of course, more sales.

Here are a few factors which can help you find the right delivery service provider for your business

1. Minimum orders
2. Parcel weight and the other factors
3. Location of the company's warehouse
4. Its brand image


1. For the first point, one has to make sure if the service provider company has monthly or yearly minimum orders. If they do, then the next point to keep in mind before taking up with that company is that if your company has the required order volume to meet those minimum monthly or yearly orders. Also, make sure that people do not fool you by giving you unrealistic target promises. If someone tells you that he will increase the sale 50 times in a week, do not believe the person because this target is not logically feasible to achieve in the said amount of time. Also, make sure you pitch the company which is willing to work with the order volume that you have available with yourself for a month or year. It is said that the best delivery service provider will have minimum orders for a month of around 1500.

2. For the second point, make sure that you have measured the typical parcel weight and size of your product ad check if that matches with the parcel weight and size of the service provider. This is important because there may be a chance that a service provider that deals excellently with shipping big sized parcels may not deal the same with small-sized products, the category of products that you base your business on. The packing equipment used in packing different products varies in terms of size and material. Make sure to find yourself a delivery service provider that packages, ships, and delivers products of the size that you sell.

3. For the third point, you should make sure that you know where the service provider is actually located. Check if the location of the service provider company will facilitate the timely delivery of your products to the right addresses of the customers. Quality of the product is for sure one of the very important factors that affect sales. Along with the quality, another factor that affects sales equivalently is fast delivery and affordable shipping. The location of the warehouse of the service provider will decide how speedily the products will be reached to the customer. It is always recommendable to find a warehouse that is situated at such a location that the logistic system does not have to have numerous shipping zones because numerous shipping zones equals' lower shipping costs.

4. One more thing to keep in check is that if you are using a business model that is complex and requires you to ship products in bulk to different areas and locations around the city, country, and the world, then it is recommendable to have numerous shipping zones because only then can you be facilitated with fast and express delivery. If the shipping orders are minimal for the month, then the situation goes vice-versa.

5. For the fourth point, while selecting your service provider, make sure the company of the service provider has the right brand image. A company with positive feedback from various other experienced companies are known to be more beneficial and advantageous. One can find the best delivery services provider in Dubai.